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 General Machine Work  

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  Fabrication & Jig Work 

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Do you need a special tool?

Imagination is the only limit to what can be made.

< Tools can be as simple as the rack stops shown here.


Or special fixtures can be created, like toe bars for wheel alignment (below).

 "The Camber Stick"  Available in 5 different designs to  meet needs of specific race car.  Click below for detailed info

SRF Camber Stick

FF, FC, FE Camber Stick 13" wheels

USF and Pro 2000 Camber Stick

Mini Stocks etc 14" wheels

Indy car, Dirt Late Model & Modifieds 15" wheels

Toe bar fixture also compensates for rake or ride height changes so the strings are always at wheel center height.

Introducing Saw Shorts

A proprietary new accessory for 7" horizontal band saws!  Click picture for more info.