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Introducing Saw Shorts

Fits most popular 7"x12" band saws.


Most of us have a bin/crate/pile of band saw "drop" pieces in the corner of the shop.  Typically, that pile is scrounged through for pieces big enough the make smaller parts and often when those bits are too small they get sold for scrap.  However, what if those pieces are too small to fit in the vise of your band saw and still reach the blade but big enough to be used for something small?  Granted you can cobble together several other pieces of material and get some sketchy work holding setup, but now there is a better solution.  Saw Shorts!

Benefit #1: Plug and Play

Saw Shorts requires no modifications to your existing band saw!

Benefit #3: Flat Installation

Saw Shorts has design features to keep it flat in the bed of your saw.

Good quality saws will have a small angle on the fixed jaw to keep work pressed down on the bed and not pop up when work is clamped in the vise.  Saw Shorts design features address this and reasonable saw production tolerances to keep it a flat instalation.

Benefit #2: Adjustability

The gap between the blade and the Saw Shorts is adjustable. We find between 0.075" and 0.100" works very well.

Benefit #4: Bidirectional Work Holding



The Saw Shorts clamping system (included in kit) accounts for the vertical and horizontal blade forces on the work piece.




Benefit #5: Lean

Are you are a Lean Manufacturing advocate?  If so, you will appreciate that Saw Shorts has a place to hold your tools in close proximity to where they are needed, saving you time and motion.

Benefit #6: More Bang for the Buck

Saw Shorts will typically go down to a 1/2" remnant.  Previously un-usable remnants are now usable stock with Saw Shorts.  So, it will pay for itself in no time!

Benefit #5: Scaleable

Larger pieces can be accommodated by using 3/8" toe clamps (not included in kit) from your drill press or mill.

Benefit #5: Versatile

The special hole pattern in the Saw Shorts accommodates dozens of possible configurations, even Kant-Twist clamps (not included in kit) for really unusual work holding needs.

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